Ryan Jenkinson - Professional Drummer from Sheffield, UK

Hey... I'm Ryan and I hit things with sticks! You may have seen me on stage or screen with Reverend & the Makers, thisGIRL or another one of the fair few bands/artists I've played for.

As well as my work with R&tM I'm also a gun for hire so get in touch if you require the services of a drumstick wielding outlaw like myself.

I'm very proud to be part of the following companies family of Artists, I'm eternally grateful for their support and their amazing equipment.

I'm also part of the Roland UK V-Drums Demo Team so when it comes to Electronics/Hybrid... I'm your man! ;)

So check out my YouTube for vids of me playing, if you need anything else then just drop me a line below. Thanks for your visit and keep rocking!


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